About Me 創作者簡介

Tom Rook was born in Exmouth, England. He creates mostly in pencil, pen, and ink. He is self-taught, and his drawings mainly deal with cities, change, and the complexity of the urban and natural. His drawings focus on detail, and encompass both real and abstract places.

From a young age he has been recording memories and the world around him with maps and cityscapes. Illustrated maps capture a place in an absorbing way, and moving into new landscapes in Taiwan has intensified the creative process. They form both a journal, and an means of discovering a place.   

He has interests in architecture, the natural world, and urban history, and these influences come together in his drawings. He has had several solo and joint shows, and was exhibited as a finalist at Art Revolution Taipei in 2016. He has taken part in projects with Simple Life Festival, Kaohsiung Arts Festival, Zhongyuan University, and Gestalten Publishing among others. He lives and works in Taipei. 

Tom Rook來自英格蘭埃克斯茅斯,現居台北市。他大多以鉛筆、原子筆及墨水創作,他是自學,而他的畫作主要關於城市、改變,以及城市和自然的複雜性,他的繪畫著重於細節,並包含真實和抽象的地方。




Below: Some source photos used for the maps. 下方的照片是我拍攝拿來當作繪製地圖時的參考資料:

Toad Mountain, Taipei 蟾蜍山, 台北市

Guiyang Street, Taipei 貴陽街, 台北

East District, Taipei, 東區, 台北市

Guanqian Road, Taipei 館前路, 台北

Zhongxiao W Road. Taipei, 忠孝西路, 台北市

Dihua Street, Dadaocheng, Taipei, 迪化街, 大稻埕, 台北市