Historic Taipei (1945) 史蹟台北城 (1945)

Overview 概貌

The Presidential Palace and surrounding buildings 總統府

Central Taipei as it was in the late 1930's to mid 1940's. It shows the city center before bombing in World War Two destroyed a large part of it. I've tried to make it as accurate as possible. It was created from hundreds of archival aerial and ground photographs. Please see notes on my facebook page for more details on why and how I made this. Below are some close-ups. Here is a blog post about the changes in the area around North Gate

這作所畫的是三〇年代末到四〇年代初的台北城中區。我參考了數百幀空照圖與地面攝影檔案,盡可能使內容精確,試圖呈現未經第二次世界大戰轟炸的大規模破壞前的城中面貌。創作緣由不勝枚舉,但為了避免在本篇冗言,另敘明於此 facebook。無庸置疑地,這次繪製過程所費心力不貲,這也是我至今最為大型精細的作品。期待很快能有機會讓這件作品的輸出圖或是原畫得以展出,在那之前,有興趣的朋友可在此購得:

Taipei Main Station 台北火車站

East Gate 東門