The Parisian Stations 巴黎的火車站



While I was in the Gare du Nord in 2009 I decided to draw a map of Paris from above. I had an hour or so before the Eurostar to London and spent a while wandering around inside and outside the station. I guess something about the station inspired some creativity. I had no idea then how much these drawings would shape a big part of my life (or even that I'd move to Taiwan after graduation). Ten years later I had an urge to circle back and do some Paris related work again, starting with Nord Station. I wanted to study and recreate the statues and facade details I'd admired back then. It's a huge building so I started with the smaller and simpler Gare D'Austerlitz as practice. Nearby is the Gare De Lyon. It's beautiful and though I have no personal connection to it I knew I couldn't stop myself drawing it. By then that was half the stations in Paris (that are still stations). So I decided to complete the set with Montparnasse, Lazare and Est. Each station has it's own personality and style. It's been an enjoyable distraction during a time when I had too much other work to take on big projects. However when the ceiling leaked on a nearly complete Nord it was less enjoyable and I had to redraw the whole thing!

If you are interested in any of the original drawings please message me.


nord small.jpg


Est final small jpg.jpg


Gare de Lyon Paris small.jpg


Lazare Fina.jpg


austerlitz final.jpg


Montparnasse final.jpg