To buy please see Payment and Delivery Page. Or some prints are available via Etsy here. All prices are in NT dollars.  


Size listed does not include frame size.

Available Pencil Drawings: 

Long'an Tower, North Gate Tower, or West Forest Tower (109 x 39cm, 2 vertical panels, framed): 10'000   

Available Ink Drawings:

Dragonflies (110 x 79cm, framed): 90'000
Losheng Sanatorium (44 x 37cm, framed) 15'000
All other ink and pencil drawings have now been sold.


I can custom make canvas prints. Please contact me for details. They work out just a little more expensive than the fine art prints.

Historic Taipei (Taipei 1945)

L 大: 115 x 94 cm (45.2 x 37 inch) M 中: 88 x 72 cm (34.6 x 28.3 inch)
Canson Fine Art Paper 美術紙 6900 3900
Rice Paper 宣紙 3600 2100

A note on sizes –   The medium is 3/5 the size of the large, not half size.

Taipei 2017 or Taichung 2015

Taipei overview.png
L 大: 150 x 65 cm (59 x 25.5 inch) M 中: 111 x 48 cm (43.7 x 18.9 inch)
Canson Fine Art Paper 美術紙 6600 3600
Rice Paper 宣紙 3300 1800

L is full size. M is about 3/5 size of L. 


Dadaocheng hi res overview.jpg
Full Size 大: 86 x 82 cm (33.8 x 32.2 inch) Half Size 大一半: 61 x 58 cm (24 x 22.8 inch)
Canson Fine Art Paper 美術紙 4800 2400
Rice Paper 宣紙 2400 1300


Nottingham overview.png
Full Size 大: 120 x 65 cm (47.2 x 25.6 inch) Half Size 大一半: 90 x 48 cm (35.4 x 18.9 inch)
Canson Fine Art Paper 美術紙 5400 ( £110 ) 3000 ( £60 )
Rice Paper 宣紙 2700 ( £55 ) 1500 ( £30 )



Canson Rag 310gsm photographique fine art paper. This paper is acid free, gallery quality, and uses archival inks. The sharpness, contrast and texture are excellent. It is robust and thick. With the right care these prints will last well beyond 100 years in pristine condition.

Easicolor 90gsm Rice Paper. This is lightweight calligraphy style paper. Not as thick, or with the brilliant white of the fine art paper, but still sharp, matte and smooth. Also archival and printed with the same inks as the fine art paper. This was the most affordable material I could find that didn't sacrifice good quality.