Towers 大廈系列 

1. Long'an Building, Taipei, 1948

龍安大樓, 台北, 1948

2. West forest tower, pingtung, 1967

西森林大樓, 屏東, 1967

3. North gate building, taipei, 1922

北門大樓, 台北, 1922

As I was drawing Historic Taipei, I found I needed to study some of the architecture a little more closely. Particularly facade details. After a few more regular sketches, I began to create imaginary towers. They exist in an alternate Taiwan, but one which still holds the originality and quirkiness I've seen in reality here. The majority of the structures in these are based on buildings in real locations in Taipei, or elsewhere in Taiwan.

每當我在描繪台北地區的歷史性建築物時,我發現近距離觀察與研究建築物是必須的,尤其是那些建物正面的外觀與細節。在幾個月來持續的繪製地圖練習之後, 我想要創造一個嶄新的觀看城市的方式,於是我開始繪製這些高塔。這座高塔彷彿存在於另一個平行時空的台灣,但是它所呈現的一切細節與紋理仍然源自我所觀察到的這個現實中的台灣。這系列的創作中,某部份建物是真實存在於台北與台灣的其他地區,其他的部份則是我自己的創作。但就我所創造的圖像而言,我試圖在其中保留台灣某一段時期的獨特建築風格。

Chiayi Towers 嘉義市大廈

Some smaller towers based on buildings around Chiayi City.

Gongyuan Tower 公園大廈

Hinoki Tower 絲柏大廈

Jiuchang Tower 酒廠大廈